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Character Info

On this page I'll include character information.

Goku And Vegeta

Character Profiles - Son Gokou

Son Gokou is the main character that revolves around the DragonBall Trilogy (DragonBall, DragonBall Z and DragonBall GT) series. Gokou, a shorter name for Son Gokou, originally came from a Planet named Planet Vegeta, and the original birthname given to him was "Kakarroto". The people on the Planet Vegeta are called "Saiyans", and they are known for developing conquering other planets and producing skilled and deadly fighters. However, at the time, Gokou was an exception, he was forseen as a much weaker fighter, also a much more inferior Saiyan compared to the rest. When Gokou was only an infant at the time, he was already considered as an outcast. Due to the great war and Planet Vegeta was in a battle zone, Gokou was sent to Earth in a capsule, on a mission to recover and expand the Saiyan race then conquer Earth. However, due to a minor head injury, Gokou had forgotten his primary objective, and became an innocent little boy.

So why Gokou is called Son Gokou? The name "Son Gokou" comes from a Chinese mythological figure, the Monkey King, or some might also know the name Son Gokou as "Monkey Magic" on kids television show. The reason he is named "Son Gokou" because when Gokou's grandfather first discovered him on Earth, he had a tail at his rear end, which resembled him and the Monkey King, therefore named after him.

Gokou's personality and character is mainly cheerful and happy. He is very outgoing and willing to try and experience new things. Gokou is pure and innocent hearted, and he has the passion to fight and protect, improve and to defeat the evil. Gokou's motto is simply, "Never give up". He continues to train himself non-stop and fight against harder and more difficult rivals, such as Vegeta, Piccolo, Majin Buu, Freeza, Androids and the list goes on and on. One interesting thing is that most of the enemies Gokou encountered eventually became his friend, so no wonder Gokou is the greatest Saiyan ever produced and undoubtably the best. Gokou is also the first Earth-rasied Saiyan to transform into a Super Saiyan during his fight against Freeza, and later on eventually progressed into the ultimate Saiyan transformation, the Super Saiyan Stage 4.

Master Roshi trained Gokou and Krillin in the very early stages of his long journey, it was also when Gokou first picked up his first main fighting technique, Kamehameha. It was Master Roshi who revealed Gokou's strength and technique and brought confident into Gokou by joining him into the World Figthing Contest. Hence, I should say that it was Master Roshi who made Gokou the greatest fighter in the entire universe.

Gokou's father is Bardock, and is married to Chi-Chi. He has two sons, Gohan and Goten.

Character Profiles - Vegeta

Vegeta is the top Saiyan of all, he was the prince at Planet Vegeta and has an evil heart with in. By the time Vegeta was 5 years old, he was already regarded as an elite fighter with incredible strength. However, Vegeta had a pure evil heart.

Planet Vegeta is originally under Freeza's control. Freeza does not keep his promise to bring the Saiyans wealth and good living, instead, he is using the Saiyans to take over planets and to expand his own force. Eventually, Freeza decides that he doesn't need the Saiyans anymore and therefore he destroys Planet Vegeta. Vegeta is on a mission taking over other planets at the time and he is not aware that Freeza has destroyed his planet. However, Vegeta already knew about that Freeza would betray him. Vegeta comes to Earth on a special mission with Nappa and meets Gokou. He cannot believe the fact that Gokou, an inferior Saiyan is actually stronger than him. Gokou and Vegeta battle to prove who is stronger, and eventually this rivary developes into friendship between them. Freeza eventually meets Vegeta and Gokou on Planet Namek. Vegeta, who does not want to let down his Saiyan pride, takes on the challenge to fight Freeza, but he fails and is killed. Before his death, he takes one last breath and passes a message on to Gokou, "Represent the Saiyans and kill Freeza".

Vegeta is brought back to life later by using the seven DragonBalls.

Vegeta's evil heart is later softened and it becomes pure when Gokou saves his life and destroys Freeza to show his pride as a Saiyan. They have never let each other down during battles. Even thought Vegeta has never reached the same level as Gokou, Vegeta has never stopped pushing himself. Bulma fell in love to Vegeta due to Vegeta's determination to work himself and the way he wants to improve. Bulma and Vegeta got married and they have a son called Trunks and a daughter called Bra.

Goten and Trunks

Character Profiles - Son Goten

Goten's father is Gokou, and has an older brother named Gohan. We don't see much of Son Goten during the DragonBall and DragonBall Z sequel. Apparently when Goten and Chibi Trunks first appeared, it was already near the start of the Majin Era. Goten has supernatural power just like the rest of the Saiyan, however, Goten is an exception. Goten reached to the Super Saiyan level without pushing himself to the limit like what Gohan and Gokou had to go through. When Gohan was training with Goten, Gohan asked Goten if it's possible for him to become a Super Saiyan. Goten just gave it a try, and without trouble, he transformed into a Super Saiyan.

Apart from the passion to fight, he likes to socialise as well. It seems that Goten is a real charming boy when he was in his teen, and his wit attracted the heart of lot of girls at school. Goten seems to be too busy going on dates rather than spending time on training.

Character Profiles - Trunks (Chibi Trunks)

Trunks is the son of another great Z soldier, Vegeta. Just like his father, he likes to battle and fight till the end, and has never given up. Trunks is not a pure Siyan-Jin, he is a mix of human and Saiyan, as you can tell by the color of his hair (purple). During the DragonBall Z series, Trunks appeared in two different sections of the storyline, one where he was a small boy, and another where he was already a grown-up. Trunks might not be the strongest in battles, he might not be the quickest, but he is the most important. He is one who changed the past and the future, without Trunks, Earth would been destroyed a long time ago.

So what is this about Trunks changing the past and the future? Referring to the timeline, in the original future, Gokou died of a heart disease and Vegeta was killed a long time ago. Earth was in consistant danger caused by the Androids 17 and 18 and the Dr Gero crew, and the only Z fighters left were Gohan and Trunks. Gohan was later killed by the Andriods and Trunks knew that if he goes and fight them, he would be killed as well. He changed plan. His mother, Bulma, completed building a time machine, so Trunks could travel back 17 years in time and passed on some medicine to cure Gokou's heart disease, so Gokou could avoid death and fight on protecting Earth. He travelled back in time to a period where he was only an infant, and his father Vegeta didn't even know who he was until Trunks explained the whole situation to everyone. After Trunks completed his mission, he went back to the future, then Chibi Trunks took over the modified future. Chibi Trunks was born a few years later after Future Trunks went back, and Chibi Trunks continued on the journey with the rest of the Z solidiers.

Future Trunks fights with a sword (not often though), however, Chibi Trunks never used a sword in battle before, so the sword is probably an extra technique Trunk developed later on in life. Chibi Trunks and Goten are good friends and they often work in a team during battles (like their transformation into Gotenks). With Goten assisting him by his side, Trunks and Goten have combined some real force for the Z Team.